Magnetic Chalk Board Blue Red Accessories

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Magnetic Chalk Board Blue Red Accessories
Značka: Import LEANToys

Magnetic Chalk Board Blue Red Accessories

The multifunctional board will bring joy to not one artist, but also, alternatively, a learning aid. Drawing with chalk and felt-tip pens is something for a child who loves to draw. The red and blue board fits into any children's room. Drawing on the blackboard will develop your child's plastic skills, imagination and accuracy, hand functions and eye-hand coordination.

Lots of advantages and one product.

The board has two drawing sides - white, intended for erasable pens, and black, on which you can draw with chalk. It can be rotated 360 degrees. The set includes markers in black, blue, red, green and a set of 12 chalk yellows. Since the board is magnetic, the set includes colored magnesia, with which you can attach to the board with your drawings. The whole set includes 48 elements.

The rotating board has adjustable legs - you can use it on longer legs, so that the child can draw from it. After shortening, the board can be placed, for example, on a table, making it very comfortable when sitting together. In the main parts, there is a local table for all chalks and markers, where you can find your accessories when we are not using them or are not needed at the moment. In addition, a hook is mounted on the top above the board, it also allows you to attach sheets.

Elements of the set:

- 2 cups

- 12 chalk

- 5 markers

- eraser sponge

- 12 colored magnets

- chalk holder

Board dimensions:

58 cm x 33 cm x 110 cm

Writing surface dimensions:

31 cm x 41 cm

Height from floor to board:

about 70 cm

Size of the package:

54 cm x 78 cm x 12.5 cm


Intended for children over 3 years of age. Compliant with the EN71 standard.


Doplňkové parametry

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Hmotnost: 15 kg
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Výška zboží v centimetrech: 60
Šířka výrobku v centimetrech: 20
Celková hmotnost v gramech: 16000

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